Process Improvement

Do you have projects on your task list that neither you, nor your staff, have time to tackle?
Do you need help preparing for an audit or compiling information for a presentation?
Could you use some assistance developing or documenting financial procedures?

I have experience in many different areas of corporate finance including treasury, internal audit, public offerings, insurance and financial reporting. I have taken companies public, written private placement offerings and completed quarterly and annual SEC documents. I have reconciled hundreds of balance sheet accounts and developed methods to improve the efficiency of the month-end closing. I have been hired to clean up accounting departments and get them back on track. I know that orderly, structured processes help organizations complete the routine tasks efficiently and allow them to focus on strategic goals.

In many organizations, a risk to the efficiency of operations is often the lack of cross-training. Without cross-training, there is a risk that vacations, unexpected absences or resignations of key employees will disrupt the organization. The existence of complete, clear and up-to-date written policies and procedures manual reduces this risk. I can evaluate accounting processes and help change them so that they are more efficient and document the procedures that may then be used as reference and training tools. The best written documentation also explains why certain procedures must be done and clearly describes how each process is interrelated. Training is also an important factor so that everyone understands their responsibilities and importance within the organization with what they do each day.

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